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Deep Tissue Massage: Benefits, Risks, and What to Expect

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Bad posture and irregular physical activities create body aches and muscle tension. Massage can actively work on rejuvenating muscle and tissue with soothing effects. Deep massage tissue is one of the most effective massages for chronic pain, sports injury, repetitive strain concerns, osteoarthritis and others.

It is an effective massage technique that follows a deep pressure to relax the tissue of the body. Deep tissue massage experts use slow strokes on the affected part through finger pressure. It gradually releases muscle tension and reduces the firmness of connective tissues.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how deep tissue massage is effective, risk-associated & remedies, and after effects.

Benefits Of Taking Deep Tissue Massage

Heading to a reliable massage therapist for deep massage tissue can provide physical and mental relaxation. These professionals are well-trained and use effective techniques to activate pain pressure points and provide instant relief.

Here is the list to go through for the benefits of deep tissue massage:

  • Muscles Rehabilitation

Deep tissue massage effectively works for sports injuries as it can rehabilitate strained muscles. It can reduce soreness and help in relaxing undue muscle fatigue.

Most athletes take muscle rehabilitation massage under their recovery protocol to regain the strength of their damaged muscles.

  • Induce Flexible Movement

Scar tissue can create chronic pain and stiffness in the body. After the massage sessions, scar tissue breaks up to improve lymphatic circulation. So the patient can easily move the affected area with flexibility.

  • Stress Booster

Hectic work and inefficient fitness routines invite stress into our lives. To recharge the body with relaxation, deep tissue massage can help lower cortisol levels and increase oxycontin, a hormone that brings smoothness to our body.

  • Pain Reliever

Massage therapy works for painful experiences of stiff necks, lower back, plantar fibromyalgia, and fasciitis. The common pain factor is a cluster of tight tissue that can be rejuvenated using deep tissue massage.

  • Reduce Arthritis Symptoms

Increasing cases of arthritis make symptoms more common, such as muscle stiffness, pain, limited joint motion, and sleep deprivation. Consistent massage sessions will reduce muscle tension, ease movement, and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

  • Regulate Blood Pressure

Stress and tension are two core contributors to increased blood pressure levels. Massage eases stress and increases serotonin, which brings more relaxation.

Risk Associated With Deep Tissue Massage

The techniques used under deep tissue massage involve mild and deep pressure. It is always recommended to only take the therapy with professional guidance and support. Otherwise, it can create certain risk factors and is generally not advisable for people with less pain tolerance. Here are the following risk factors:

  • Fracture Risk

Pressing the pain point requires trained experience and full body knowledge. Too much exertion might increase the risk of fracture. To avoid such instances, it is advisable to share any existing injury or other concern before starting the therapy.

  • Tearing of Tissues

The inefficient measure of pressure might also lead to tissue tears. Deep tissue massage requires definite movement and a slower shift of pressure. If therapists go beyond a sustainable level of deep pressure, bruises and tissue tearing will happen.

  • Risk With Blood Clotting

Deep tissue massage can break the blood clot for better circulation and flexible movements. However, the patient should go for medical consultation and a doctor's recommendation before the massage therapy, as it might increase the risk of further muscle damage.

  • Not Suitable for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients or people with severe cancer symptoms should avoid deep tissue massage. Their body does not cope with the process and invites other body compilations, leading to life-threatening situations.

  • Bad Massage Sessions

The positive effect of deep tissue massage depends on the right therapist with expertise and knowledge. Inexperienced therapists will not be able to use techniques in the proper manner that create muscle damage, tissue injuries and other severe concerns.

What to Expect: After Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

Once you check all the measures and head to any experienced therapist, you will experience the benefits of deep tissue massage with effective results. After the session, you might feel tenderness around the area without any pain; in case any pain occurs, consult the therapist straightaway. In most cases, the patient will feel sleepy and thirsty as the muscles and tissues relax. If you are not in a hurry, take ample time to relax, drink fluids, and even bathe.

Mentally, the patient will experience mood upliftment due to better blood circulation and release of deep pressure. The body will be more energised and release happy hormones, relaxing stress.

Get a Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Session With D Best Massage!

Numerous benefits of deep tissue massage make it perfect for reducing chronic pain and easing stress. However, some precautions and guidelines are essential to get maximum positive results. If you are looking for a skilled and experienced therapist to get deep tissue massage therapy, D Best Massage is the ultimate choice. We offer soothing sessions for Deep Tissue Massage In Glendale, AZ, under a team of trained & certified therapists.

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